The Yard: A’Capella Hip-Hop Musical

Like always, I like to entertain your eyes and ears with new/refreshing things in the world of hip-hop. Here is a little somethin’ new from the young Brandon A. Williams. A young entrepreneur that has recently written, produced, and directed a hip-hop musical. The Yard has received attention from big time hip-hop culture magazine, The Source, as well as other publications in and around the Southern Illinois University area.

“This particular piece of work is a story portraying college life
involving characters from different backgrounds, upbringings, cultures and
etc. It tells stories from the different perspectives of the various
students, faculty, and members of the university and local community; someof these stories come from Williams’s personal experiences with his alma mater. The author labels this screenplay as an “acapella musical”. Similar to a musical,the characters’ lines transition from dialogue to verbal cadences and rhyme as a form of expression. However, instead of using song, the characters’ lines transition from dialogue to “spoken word” or acapella rap. Williams brings one of the major elements of hip-hop to the stage; being an independent hip-hop artist as well as an overall writer of comedy, poetry, songs, and plays, he decided to merge two of the talents together for his newest creation of artistic expression that is “The Yard.”

Here is what Brandon had to say about the production…”I’ve learned an abundance of information through my college years. I wanted to put it in a form of expression (you know, make it easier to digest) so the masses could hear my story. My mission that i would like to complete upon showing this project is to educate current students, faculty,and future students with information that is beneficial to their educational experience, future careers, and everyday life.”

The Yard is taking charge in a movement to show the positive side of hip-hop as well as inform everyone of what really happens in college. Check down bottom for more links to information on The Yard.


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