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Real T@lk: The Sitcom LP

Real Talk is back with his debut album cleverly titled, The Sitcom LP. This LP is dope. 5 Stars in my book.  I highly advise not sleeping on Real T@lk.

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The Sitcom LP


The album art is based off of the Martin Lawrence’s hit sitcom Martin. After pushing out The Mo’ Better Mixtape in June of 2009, receiving international recognition as “Unsigned Hype” in The Source magazine, and creating a hip-hop musical entitled The Yard, Real T@lk had to follow up with a bigger and better project… The significance of The Sitcom relates music in the format of everyday life as a show or situational comedy: 

“I can’t turn on a TV and not see so many quote, reality shows, end quote that are scripted…that’s an oxymoron! With The Sitcom LP you can view every song/track as it’s own as you would an “episode” of Martin, Fresh Prince, The Boondocks or Entourage.” -Real T@lk

   This extraordinary theme/format challenges the mind of the listener to prepare themselves to listen to this album with the mindset of a TV show. As a result, The Sitcom LP subconsciously tells the listener that every episode (i.e. track) is left to be scrutinized carefully and no one episode is deemed better than another (with the exception of the Pilot or the Season Finale). The Sitcom started off as a mixtape. Due to the availability of the internet, the “rap game” is flooded with a bunch of so-called emcees that just want to make a quick buck causing the name “mixtape” to be taken as a bigger joke than ever before. Therefore, Real T@lk decided to make The Sitcom an LP

“I removed tracks that were industry beats and originally covered by artists that are currently well established;plus, I feel that the quality of my material is strong enough to stand on its own as opposed to being placed with industry beats as a crutch to draw in listeners…so i attached a deleted scene ” -Real T@lk


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