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BTS Photos- 4th Annual Roots Picnic (Mel D. Cole)

Check out these pictures of some BTS shots from the 4th annual Roots Picnic. Check out some of my favorite shots then click the link to check out more. Props to Okayplayer.com for the heads up.

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The Roots- Quicksand Millennium (Unreleased) w/ N.Y.C. Radio Freestyle

Spotted at 2dopeboyz… “Not too much info on this one, but from what I have read, this was recorded in either late ‘99 or early 2000. This version of Quicksand Millennium differs from the Homegrown! version”

Quicksand Millennium

N.Y.C. Radio Freestyle

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The Roots @ Starland Ballroom 12/29/2010


Tuba Gooding Jr.

The Legendary...

Captain Kirk

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Furious Deux’s Album(s) of the Year!

Anthony’s Favorite Album (thus far): Eminem- Recovery
Eminem’s seventh studio album, Recovery, was released on June 21, 2010 in the US.  In the months leading up to Recovery’s release, I was extremely skeptical in terms of what to expect after hearing his last album, Relapse.  Eminem quieted all of the skeptics and the critics, though, by delivering his most passionate, introspective album to date.  The goofy, ridiculous accents were gone, and the lyrics were crisper and more heartfelt than ever before.  It was also the first album by eminem in which the majority of his beats were not produced by Dr. Dre, with production from well-known producers such as Just Blaze, Boi 1-da, Alex da kid, and DJ Khalil.

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John Legend & The Roots: I Can’t Write Left Handed

Best 12 1/2 minutes you will spend today…probably.


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Summer Jams Pt. II…Broken HeadphonesXChurch League ChampionsXHow I Got Over.

It’s been a month since my last post, I’ve really been slacking here. Summer is flying by and the next semester is right around the corner. Hopefully these next two weeks go by fairly quickly as we (Anthony and I) are really excited to get back to work with the band. But not to worry, Furious Deux is back at it again with our second installment of the Summer Jams series.

Part II will focus on Quest’s Broken Headphones mixtape, Pac Div’s Church League Champions mixtape, and the new single from The Roots entitled How I Got Over. I can say that Quest, Pac Div, and The Roots have made this summer a really great one musically. Here we go…

1. QuESt- Broken Headphones.


As a newcomer to Quests’ music, I didn’t really know what to expect from him. I listened to his Dope Roots: There’s Only One Month left mixtape and was blown away. His N.I.D.O.A, a freestyle over Hova’s D.O.A, was as dope as could be and made me a believer in Quest. The passion, patience, and hard work he puts into his music is evident immediately. To make a long story short, I became a fan…The long wait for Broken Headphones was well worth it.

The tape is great from top to bottom. Each track is packed full of so much meaning and emotion. The stories make me feel as if I have experienced them myself. The samples are genius and truly bring out the passion in Quests’ music. The beats are all great and different, but what really caught my attention was the lyrics. Lets take “I need to go” for example..From the very beginning of the song Quest pulls the listener in with strong, passionate lyrics. “I just need to go. Talk about living on edge, waking on the wrong side on the wrong bed, n***a need a place i can rest my head. In other words bro, I just need to go” After one sentence anyone can understand what Quest is going through. Later he says, “…I retreat and never show my face. Taste my absence. Cherish the moment. I’m steady growing, showing  that I will never fall from the top, my determination never shall fail, I prevail.” This guy is really passionate about his art and that is really what hip hop music needs. Quest, for me, is one of only a few breaths of fresh air in the hip hop world today. I am thoroughly enjoying this mixtape as I continue to learn more and more about Quest as an artist.

To download the mixtape, hit up the good folks at 2DopeBoyz.com, Ill Roots, and Quests’ myspace http://www.myspace.com/questmusicpage

The tape gets a 10 out of 10. Flawless.

2. Pac Div- Church League Champions

pac divEarlier in the summer Pac Div released “Mayor,” a track off of the highly anticipated Church League Champions mixtape. Listening to “Mayor” let me know that Pac Div is now here to stay.

I have been a Pac Div fan since their Fat Boys ’08 days and have always been attracted to the authenticity and excitement of their music. Pac Div consists of three dedicated emcee’s who all share a genuine love for hip-hop. Church League Champions is made up of tracks that will surely inspire any aspiring emcee and let them know that anything is possible with heart and dedication. From stories about quitting a job due to finally ‘making it’ to stories about how they have always been under appreciated, unnoticed, and struggling, Pac Div definitely came through with a quality collection of songs this time. Church League Champions has been my theme music to drive too recently. The beats are ‘hard’, full of bass, feel good vibes, and classic samples.Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung came through real crucial-like with this outstanding mixtape. Pac Div is here to stay and I look forward to hearing more out of them in the very near future…Hopefully and album!

Hit up 2DopeBoyz for the download.

Church League Champs. gets a 10 out of 10. I can’t get enough.

3. The Roots- How I Got Over


Sooo The Roots are the best hip-hop group ever. Hands down. I just thought I would throw that in there before I got started on the review.

To no surprise The Roots remain the hardest working men in show business. They are the house band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, have been touring all summer (Though not as much,) have weekly gigs at The Highline Ballroom in NY, and have been recording their ninth studio album all at the same time. They found time to master and release the first single, How I Got Over.

How I Got Over, as well as the album, shows a more positive side to The Roots. The first line of the chorus says, “Out in the streets, where I grew up, first thing they teach you is not to give a f***. That kind of thinking will get you nowhere. Someone has to care.” Positive, motivational material. The Roots are greatness. That is really all I can say. The song reminds me of more a soulful/Motown side of The Roots, and I like that. Hopefully this upcoming will show a new side of The Roots that we have never seen. There is not too much I can really say about the song, it’s that good.

Check it out live on Jimmy Fallon at 2DopeBoyz…they also have the studio version.

The single gets a 10 out of 10. I am a fan of The Roots, they are the best ever. Period.

Until next time,

Keith. *There may or may not be another Summer Jams installment. Maybe a back to school jams thingy…*

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